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In our business, we know that without dedicated, talented and thoughtful people, we cannot be the firm we aspire to be. Our principal assets are our people, capital and reputation. We are committed to maintaining a culture of diversity, integrity and strong business principles.

We believe that the main source of value & growth is knowledge creation & innovation. We develop and secure highly competent people & maintain a culture where individual strengths, combined with teamwork, are a recognized source of our mutual success.

Human resource Policy Growth and Gain for All
We induct employees into the company in line with the business plan of the company, motivate and encourage them to perform to their fullest potential and retain talent on a long term basis.

  • Create and environment wherein all the employees can fully develop their skills and contribute their best to the company;
  • Build an excellent company of which all are proud through the willing efforts of self motivated employees;
  • Contribute to the social and cultural improvement of the employees, their families and community;
  • Provide opportunities for all employees to reach their full potential, through training and development support;
  • Establish a transparent system to recognize and appropriately reward employee contribution;
  • Create conditions through proper appraisals to ensure that only performing employees are encouraged to be a part of the TGI family;

Our mission is to produce and continuously develop the systems which are required by Automotive, Diesel and Marine Engines Industries and to present them to our customer exceeding their expectations.

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