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Pistons are mostly made from Eutectic Aluminum Silicon alloy with excellent properties as low thermal expansion coefficient duty heat treated after cast

ing for proper microstructure and hardness 70-80 hrb to achieve good mechanical properties to work in hot conditions. Pistons are machined with close tolerances as per requirements.
Type Of Pistons

Al-Fin : Top ring carrier with Austenitic special Iron casted rings [Non-magnetic] popularly known as Al-Fin type , to provide high wear resistance for longer life than normal pistons. This ring groove means higher degree of wear resistant. These pistons are recommended for Heavy Duty Diesel Engines with turbo charge.

Al-Fin Piston with Cooling Channels: Pistons have cooling channel and are used where high operating temperatures occur. With free flow of oil through this channel keeps the Piston Crown and Ring Belt cool.


Steel Strut Design: Pistons casted with Steel Struts for smooth running with long life. This piston has cast in Steel Strut between the skirt of pin-hole. Such pistons are  for high Operating durability  & are specially used in passenger Cars.



Steel Belt Piston:  This  Piston is  also casted in Steel Belt with their high Strength. These pistons are suitable for high speed Diesel Engines.

Mono Metal Pistons (Quadra Piston): These pistons are casted all round Steel jacket, casted  in the piston  which is  used in high speed Diesel Engines. 

Sp. Steel Strut Design: Pistons casted with special shaped Steel Belts / Struts to achieve nearly uniform thermal expansion and to reduce fitting clearance.


We offer an extensive range of high quality piston pins, which find applications in automobiles, tractors, diesel and industrial engines, air & gas compressors. Piston pins offered by us are manufactured using the latest machinery to provide them precision dimensions.

Further, we develop these piston pins from alloy steel of super grade, which ensures their reliable quality and trouble free performance.  We manufacture these piston pins in different dimensions ranging from 28mm to 58mm. These piston pins are engineered in the hardness of 55HRC to 60HRC and can also be availed in other hardness as per the customers' specifications.


The principal function of the piston rings is to form a seal between the combustion chamber and the crankcase of the engine. The goal is to prevent combustion gases from passing into the crankcase and oil from passing into the combustion chamber. During the compression and power strokes, the compression ring seals the combustion gases and prevents blow-by. Although blow-by is not completely eliminated it is kept to an acceptable limit. During the compression and exhaust strokes the cylinder walls are lubricated with oil by throw off from the connecting rod bearings. Excess oil is wiped off by the piston rings. Not only does the oil ring have the

responsibility of wiping the excess oil off the cylinder walls, but the job is also shared by all of the rings, leaving a fine layer of oil on the wall to provide lubrication for the following ring. As rings wear, the ability to perform these functions is decreased resulting in oil consumption and blow-by. When this happens it is time for a new set of rings.

We supply an extensive range of piston rings for passenger car, truck, bus, tractor, air brake compressor, forklift, motorcycle, generator and various industrial engine applications.

We also manufacture piston rings for custom applications based on samples and drawings. We offer a variety of materials and coatings for piston rings ranging in diameter from 40mm to 340mm, in a wide variety of profiles and joint types.

· Quality Engineered
· Precision Manufactured
· Proven Performance

We use the latest materials and coatings available to keep pace with the growing trends in engine technology. We offer a variety of materials and coatings for piston rings ranging in diameter from 40mm to 340mm, in a wide variety of profiles and joint types.

We also offer different versions of piston rings sets to give you a choice of performance and price level. Whatever Grant ring set you choose, you can be assured that quality is built in.

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